i used to love summer

i just love when its over.
and its not just that the kids go back to school (altho that is a big plus lol)
summer used to be fun. i used to spend all my days out in the woods, catching critters, and splashing in creeks and climbing rocks.
now all there is to do is sit on my porch and listen to the crackheads argue.
ill be glad when i have to stay inside and just play sims or mmos all day... the less i have to see/hear people the better.
i really wish my kids cold have more of an outside life tho. i LIVED outside when i was a kid. i can even let mine out without fear of some pedo running off with them.
not to mention there is only so much fun you can have on a sidewalk. i miss the woods.
i wish i could go back


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