Dear Men,

i think i can safely speak for all of us women when i say, stop sending chicks pictures of your junk online. this is NOT sexy, or cute, its creepy and gross. does this ever work out for you? do you flash your nasty member and some girl goes 'ooh baby i gotta get me someothat!'
no. it does not happen. and chances are, if you flash your junk in a chat room and some girl DOES respond positively? its probably a guy.
so please find a better way to flirt with potential mates on the internet. ty.

sincerely, all women.


  1. But... if they don't send out those pics, they can't make themselves feel better about being such losers that they can't pick up a date the normal way!

    Of course, they could just learn how to act like decent human beings, but that takes *effort* and this way doesn't.


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