ok i think im done messing with this town (or Stonewall is finished)

its been tweaked and edited and tweaked so often that im just tired of looking at it now. *sigh* i loved this town so much too.
ok since no one actualy play tested it, i went in and ran a few tests myself and i think i smoothed out all the issues that came up.
there is only one thing left that isnt a huge deal, but im too aggrivated (lazy) to back in and change it.
the science lab gives a blocked routing bubble when you tell a sim to go there. but you CAN go in, you just need to make them go in manualy. its a slight pain but i cant think of how to fix it.
the only thing i can think of is its because the science lab is not right on the road. but that never stopped sims before, and certainly didnt stop thme in the previous version of the town, so i have no idea. im not ripping up the town center and redoing it AGAIN. im done. i want to move on to other projects.

so as far as i can see, that is the only issue. the dive lots work, the lot clipping problem isnt showing its face atm, so its all hunkydory.
i have no idea if cc is in the file, cause no one tested it. i didnt not use any, except maybe some store stuff.

ok so here is my official download link for The Kingdom of Stonewall final version.
here are a few pics if you havent seen it already.

lol as you can see i really seem to live the river. one of the reasons i love this town so much, is the beautiful scenery in almost every direction. no matter where you choose to put your lot, you will have something nice to look at.

the river is fully functional, with several dive spots, and 2 salt water designators (for your mermaid simmies) those are on either ends of the river.

when i play tested last night, there were sims sailing all over with their little boats it was so awesome XD

there is a campground, and 3 fishing spots, so plenty of places for unicorns to show up.
not many of the lots are developed. i placed some EA premade houses here and there just to have some townie homes, and made a few instahouses myself.

there is lots of room to build and set your own lots. not many 64x64 tho, only 2 of those i believe.  i put them in the only places i could find room. some lots are better for building and not for lot placing, because of the hilly landscape. but its not a big deal (all towns are like that)

ok well i guess thats it. if you use or like my town please let me know!


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