an amazing site for CC

i dunno if i have ever mentioned it before, probably not on this blog. i know i used to have a link to it on SIMians. but there is a site i go to now and then that has the most AMAZING cc you have ever seen. its in spanish, but nothing a little google translate cant fix

its worth a look just to SEE, even if you dont download anything. some of this stuff is just fantastic. no, all of it is.
i have downloaded from here before and most of it works fine and hasnt caused any issues. i have deleted a couple things just because they were large and i was unable to use them in every day building situations. but, i still do have a large number of build/buy items from here.
its worth a looksie, check it out when you get a chance


  1. Wow the stuff they have is amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)


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