wth is this shit?

i had been accidentally using the shortcut to play my game, and havent used the launcher in a while. well, i loaded up the ol launcher because i had uploaded something,  and i get this shit.

first of all, no, i am no interested in your shitty patches. and 2, I CANT EVEN CLICK ON ANYTHING. the launcher essentially seizes up and i had to control alt delete just to shut it off.
what is this, some kinda of new terrorist tactic? install our patch or your not playing? FUCK YOU EA.
well guess im not uploading anymore. sorry to anyone to might be a fan of my creations. its not happening apparently.


  1. CelestialSeraphymMay 17, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    >_>  There's actually a store patch...? Is this the first one? I've never seen one before. ((sigh)) It never ends...


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