dear mmo developers

can we PLEASE look into an 'ignore world chat' button for pretty much every game out there?
its extremely tiresome to have to listen to every 17 year old 'professional gamer expert' bitch and moan and troll all day long.
if we cant shut them up, we will more than likely just stop playing your game. try to have at least an iota of control over what happens in your chat box, mkay?
i cant even stomach the thought of goin back to Tera. i play games to relax and have fun, its a hobby. and these a-holes are ruining it for me (and most decent ppl who arent no life perverts)
these people really nauseate me. it would be like every single time you watch tv, you have an annoying row of teenagers in front of you, screaming at the screen, insulting every single person who talks, throwing popcorn and making boob/dick jokes.
omg make it stop!


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