*ding dong* religeon salesman!

so the pamplet tossers were at my door again. i dont know whether to loathe or pity these people. they wait for things to pop up in the new that they think will sway people, and then they go around, trying to 'discuss' it, and hang out their fliers. cause believing in the invisible man will make EVERYTHING better, right?
isnt it nice how christians can just go around and bother people about religion all day and dont get stoned for it? if I went door to door, asking people to consider wicca as a faith, id be dragged behind a pickup truck.
but you know what, i find it just as offensive. yes i am offended by christians, barfing their opinions all over me. SHUT UP. i dont care. i dont go bothering YOU with MY beliefs, now do i? i have the decency to think that faith is a PRIVATE and PERSONAL thing. no one is going to change my mind, and i dont expect my opinion to change anyone elses. what do these people really think they are DOING?
and who is so feeble minded, to actualy change beliefs because of a door to door religion salesman!?
id put a big fat pentacle on my door if i thought it would keep them away. but, it would probably get me burned at the stake.
yeah, dont go thinking that the witch burning shit is 'in the past' cause it aint. we still have to hide. all the 'good christian folk' make sure of that


  1. If they're Mormon, you should invite them in for a cup of coffee.

  2. why are they allergic to coffee?  lol. i actualy had a jehovas witness run screaming from my house one time when she discovered i had a pet snake. i apparently housed the devil himself, to hear her tell it.

  3. I've had those door knockers, and I've always wanted to just come out and say, "look, I'm Pagan, go away," but I never do. I did buy a little "no soliciting" sign and nailed it to the porch and haven't heard from them. I'll bet some will still eventually try, because to them, they're not "selling anything," but meh.

  4. I just politely say "no, thanks" and close the door ... but I have to admit it's tempting to say "Goddess go with you" as I do so.  These days the folks trying to convert me to a new utilities provider don't sound much different from the religious. 

    They are talking of introducing "do not knock" legislation here.  We have "do not call" registration if you don't want to receive marketing phone calls so they get in trouble if they ring.  It would be similar to that. 

  5. I am a christian... 
    Anyway. I don't go visiting homes or knocking on doors, I don't want to get shot. I also don't like to push my religion on other people because I feel everyone has the right to make their own choices in life.

    And the jehovas witnesses... I don't know what is wrong with them, I had them come by my house one day and I didn't answer the door. They stood there jiggling the door handle for a good five minutes before they left. I think they jehovas witnesses anyway.


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