stupid sims, i hate you so much!

ok i really dont, but wow do they make me mad! lol. so i have this gold digger sim and im trying to seduce thorton wolff. so she got him to leave his wife, and they got all smoochy woochy and became romantic interests. but NOW i cant get the 'go steady' option for nothing. i got move in, but no go steady. and if i just move him in, i dont get the gold digger ltw to activate properly.
so alll weekend shes loving him up, and i never get the 'go steady'
it doesnt help that in between romantic interactions, he throws in somthing stupid like 'answer question' and it rests the dam interaction wheel -_-.
so weekend is over and they go back to work, and before he even comes home, i get the nraas popup that hes got a new girlfriend!!! FU##KKKK!!!!



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