proof that it works!

havent played the sims in a few days, but since its mothers day and i wanted to relax and enjoy gaming (for once) i decided to fire up the ol sims.

the color change mouse DOES work, and here is a horse with a yellow plumbob. she was hungry and needed exercise but she was asleep. the mouse was yellow too ^_^

its just so neat!


  1. I owe you a thankyou!  I hadn't heard of this mouse untill your first post about it.  Then I saw it here and talked Jason into ordering it for me for Mother's day.  It didn't get here untill today, though.  (I saw no reason to pay outragious shipping to get it here by Sunday.)  I love it!!!  And I have really big hands for a woman, so it actually fits me pretty well.  First time having man hands has ever been a good thing.  Anyway, Thanks for posting about it!


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