suddenly homeless

hypethetical situation- lets say you were told this afternoon, that for reasons beyond your control, you have lost everything and have to vacate your home. you can only take with you what you can carry.

what do you bring with you to survive? you must only take  items that actualy exist in your home right now, so you cant take generators, and powerbars and light sticks, etc, if you dont currently own those things.

what could you take to make sure you will survive the next few days? next week? (aside from money obviously, lets make this at least a little thought provoking)


  1. Well I have plenty of plastic bags, so I'd put some warm clothes and non-perishable food in them. I'd have my phone to use wi-fi to find a new place, a blanket, my teddy bear and if it's going to be a wait for a new home, I'd bring my Lord of the Rings trilogy book, as well as our Kindle for reading. Now, what's the rule on cars? I have my car keys which I can carry, and technically while not in our house, we have our vehicle :P

    But even if no vehicle, that's what I would bring, because people aren't taking my damn keys. LOL

  2. i supose cars totaly count, cause if need be, you CAN live in one.


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