i think im done with MMOs

at least for now... they kinda make me sick. not just the multitudes of rude little twerps who populate those games, they like to FORCE you to intereact with other players, by not being able to complete certain quests or advancements without it.

why cant i find an online ga,e where you can just play solo, and talk to people and trade with people if you WANT to? not be forced to join guilds and parties with strangers who will just piss me off.

i miss guild wars, honestly... that game was perfect. each 'world' was a private world just for you and your party members. but the cities were the public areas. so if you wanted to chat or meet new people, hang out in the cities.

when is GW2 coming out already  *pout*


  1. Time for me to start singing The Old Republic's praises!

    It doesn't force you to join any guilds, or really to do any constant grouping. There are world boss raids, of course, which are optional. There are Heroic +2 which can consist of you and one other person, or if you're high enough level, you and your companion (kind of like your pet, which every class gets, they just get different ones. My Jedi got a droid, while a Smuggler gets a wookie), and then there are Heroic +4. Once again, you don't have to do any of those, as there are plenty of quests you can do solo. Now, the game isn't free, naturally, but worth it.

  2. that doesnt sound too bad, actualy. i never got too much into star wars games (altho i LOVE star wars) but this sounds like it might be fun

  3. Oh it is, I've been enjoying it! Other features include:

    Your own starship (for free) to travel the galazy to other worlds
    If you are questing with someone else and you're nowhere near the quest giver to turn in the quest, you can "holo-call" in, something I especially love!

    Other things as well! Awesome game!


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