no, ladies.. just no

i have been noticing somthing that kinda get on my nerves a little.. not really so much 'gets on my nerves' as it just peeves me. i see this commercial all the time for this show about a biker bar, and there is a very attractive girl with a VERY unattractive tatoo.

its like a reverse tramp stamp. an image tattooed on the lower abdomen. now this might sound nice in theory, but in practice it looks gross. from far away, it looks like you need to do some serious gardening. so needless to say, low rider jeans and huge fuzz patch are pretty disgusting.

THIS is not attractive. STOP

thants my public service announcment for the day, thank you


  1. Wonder what that'll look like in a good 30 years or so?

  2. youd have to lift up the belly flab to see it lol

  3. Oh ug. "  youd have to lift up the belly flab to see it lol"  Not only that wait till she's really old and they tattooed belly flab has wrinkles !

  4. At least the carers at the nursing home will get a good laugh!


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