cant take it anymore

i need my skyrim fix. his turn is taking too long. hes got to go.
*grabs knife*


  1. I can see that's going to become a problem in our house too! 

  2. Oh no! Don't kills anyone, especially your sweetie. 
    Yesterday, we went out to buy my Hubby parts to build up a new gaming computer for him and thus giving me my machine back so I could play the Sims again. 

    Only, I'm not back to playing the Sims, I'm playing Skyrim !  So far heaps of fun. 

    My sweetie is in heaven, we got him a fantastic graphics card, a solid state drive and a 3D monitor, which Skyrim looks amazing on !

    LoL now my machine feels old !  But maybe when he goes to work on Monday,I can use his machine !

    Here's hopin' you get to play soon !


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