stop calling my house!

i make a point, to be pretty much debt free in my life. i know other people are not so lucky. somehow, these other people seem to be giving out my phone number to bill collectors... so day after day i get calls from RECORDINGS looking for bod smith about his debt.
how am i supposed to tell these people, that so nso doesnt live here, when its a recording???? and if yo stay on the line long enough to try to talk to an operator, they assume you ARE bob smith, and the calls get worse.

i am already on the no call list, so this is really pissing me off. isnt there some way to protect my peace? or do i need to change my friggin number AGAIN??


  1. Tell them that you are not Bob Smith, request to have your number taken off of their list, and if they get snippy, inform them that what they are doing is harassment, and you will call your local authorities and get a lawyer if necessary. You don't have to get a lawyer or anything.

    Bill collectors tend to assume that the customer doesn't know anything about how to defend or protect themselves. If a person in debt actually owes money, the collector will usually try to bully them, be very rude, and press them to pay right then and there, sometimes even threatening them. I had that happen to me once when I owed a debt.

  2. well thats the problem, i cant tell them anything, because its always a recording. ALWAYS.

  3. But you said sometimes you stay on and a real person eventually gets on the line?

  4. no the recording says something like 'you just confiremd that you are 'bob smith' please wait for an important messege' or some shit like that. even if my answering machine picks up it thinks that means someone is listening to the messege

  5. You should be able to block the number manually through your provider. Most homepages such as ATT, Charter, etc have a list of codes to put into your phone. I know I have 12 slots for blocking phone numbers such as this. I am on the no-call list also, but have found this is the most effective solution for these people.


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