yet another year goes by...

i swear they go by too fast these days. or maybe im just going slower.. im still stuck in an early winter frame of mind,, and here it is almost fall already.
well, this weekend is my birthday... again... and once again ill be 29 XD
but it hardly seems like  year went by. i am really not happy about this... stupid aging...

ill be camping this weekend so hopefully my birthday will be more interesting than the rest of my summer has been. altho, i hear we are suposed to get a hurricane this weekend, so yeah.. its gonna be REEEAL interesting


  1. Happy early Birthday, Zeri! Time does seem to pass quicker, the older you get. Kids tend to speed things up too for some reason.

  2. Happy early birthday!!! <3

  3. Happy early birthday! :) Have fun camping and hopefully the hurricane doesn't ruin it!


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