tyvm AE and TMN

i was conversating with a guildie today and found myself using the word douchwaffle..and they were like HUH? now i dont know which one of you i got that word from, but THANX ALOT :p
i love colorful vocabulary words XD


  1. Fuckbasket, slutbasket. hoebagel, douchewaffle, douchenozzle, bucket of yuck, bucket of fuck, twatwaffle, just some other ones for you to consider. :)

  2. ^LOL

    Both AE and the Mares give me new vocabulary to use. I use bumnugget, douchewaffle, and I describe something as bloody brillant today. They are rubbing off on me. Oh the horror. 0_0

  3. I called  this person in my class a bumnugget once XD took me a moment to realize what I said LOL

  4. haha those are great AE. ill be adding those to my verbal repertoire lol


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