really, science?

i been seeing commercials for this crap for weeks now, and they just seem to infuriate me. Really, science? really? is THIS what we need to spend our precious few dollars on? thicker EYELASHES? your fucking kidding me, right?
of all the legitimate medical problems out there, they are wasting precious research funds on THIS?
who fucking CARES if you have 'insufficiant lashes'? WEAR MASCARA you tard! go get some fucking falsies. SERIOUSLY!!
i can name at least half a dozen more worthy medical issues that science could be attempting to fix. this is a NON ISSUE.
an as if that fact wasnt enough, in this present world we are in.. with the country being completely bankrupt, and poor people being blamed and no one having any jobs, and all things basically going to hell in a hand basket, WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT EYELASHES!!!!
WHO is actually spending money on this shit???


  1. Ha! It a classic example of drugs with a very marketable side effect! Latisse is actually a drug used for Glaucoma that just happens to make your lashes guess what! Now it has a new life in the cosmetics industry where it will make millions. This isn't too uncommon..Botox was used for people suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Viagra was a high blood pressure medication, Topomax which is used for weight loss is a seizure medication, Welbutrin is an anti depressant that is used as an aid to stop smoking...the list goes on. All these drugs were created for a legitimate purpose, but Science isn't going to pass up a chance to make an easy few million on the side. 

  2. i think i remember one of the adds saying that it also permanently darkens your eye color too.  i would NOT want this is any kind of way. who wants eyelashes so badly that they would do something like that? not to mention the other side effects. i am no makeup guru, but really, mascara isnt all that hard to apply. i just really dont get it.

  3. I hate when they advertise beauty products as if it were a great scientific breakthrough. The ones I hate the most are the ones that say "Hydro Rejuvenating"  and "H2O Enhanced"  which basically means its got water in it. They throw in the words like protein and molecule. But the absolute worst is when they say "Oxygenating" which basically means your paying for what we get free in the air. LOL. But then there is the serious side where money is put before the actual problems. Its a sick world.

  4. It would be better if thicker eyelashes actually DID SOMETHING USEFUL for our planet. Until then, they should spend time and money on something else. Want thicker eyelashes? Apply several coats of mascara. I'm with you completely, Zeri. This crap is stupid. Prescription for thicker eyelashes.....stupidest thing ever.


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