i camped in the woods during hurricane irene and all i got was this lousy t-shirt

so the one and only time i get to do something fun all summer, (and on my birthday, no less) the east coast gets blasted by hurricane irene.. and horray for me, the only thing between me and the angry elements was some flimsy vinyl material.
i must give kudos tho, to the people at Northwest Territories for their quality merchandise.. that tent we got, not only withstood the fiercest of irenes rain, but it held up the entire night, keeping us warm and dry.
at 7am tho, it just couldnt stand up to the pressure anymore, and the support pole snapped.
but, untill the bitch irene decided to kick over my tent, we had a fantabulous weekend!

here are a few snaps of the lake and woods

we had a great trip. we went on a boat ride, and the kids swam in the lake. we caught a little toad and roasted marshmallows and all that fun stuff.. so up yours irene, you cant ruin MY weekend! :P


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