Cho Sen Won

was making new sims for my town yesterday, and i made this guy
 his face came out SO good i could hardly believe it. he doesnt have CC or any flashy stuff like that, whats interesting about this sim, is his face. i managed to get him to look very realistically asian.
i try really hard to sculpt faces that accurately resemble their race. I try to get the features just right. i dont always pull it off, but i think i succeeded with this guy. ive made asian sims before, but i dunno this guy stands out, i think hes my best one.

 tpp bad i didnt get more pics of him. i didnt want to linger in a strange household for too long, lest story progression do something bizaare to my legacy family lol.
i gave him a funny name cause well.. i do that sorta thing :P. next i might make a guy named Hugh Jass or Ben Dover. hes the 'cho sen one' get it? XD
well i hope you like him, and thanx for looking

Cho Sen Won


  1. "Cho Sen Won" - i see what you did thar :P

  2. (tis Randomspirit BTW - my bad, i didn't log out from twitter XD)


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