what wrong with hair meshes?

this is what is wrong with the majority of hair meshes out there.

whose head is this big? seriously? do we need THIS much extra junk sittin on top of our sims head? look at the mans head, and look at the womans... honestly her head is TWICE as big in the back.. NOT NESSESARY. and it looked ridiculous... man it drives me crazy looking at this enormous helmet when i use a hair like this.

its looks amazing from the front. its a very nice hair. but why o WHY does it have to have the big head syndrome???

SO many hairs do this too... they are just too dam big. please creators, if your listening, try to make meshes a teeny bit smaller. real heads are NOT this big

Another big problem i find with alot of meshes, is the floating hair thing.

you see how the hair just defys gravity in the back? MAN that annoys me! id rather have hair that cut a little bit into the sim, than flying around in space like that.

and this concludes my hair pet peeves. it is SO hard to find just the right hair for my simself... none of them are quite right.. (and im a perfectionist..)


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