Medieval Madness

A few of my heros all in one room. The doctor Chimera (the lady with the plumbob) , the Bard, Robin hood, and the Wizard Merlin. (such original names)

 This is one of the evil guards that took over the realm when my Queen went bonkers

 Chimera took it upon herself to save the kingdom by assassinating the evil queen... have some 'inoculations' your majesty

 oops she died.. did i do that?

 the evil Queen Salmithra was immediately succeeded by her son, Thorin. he grew up kinda pudgy, but overall not too bad looking

 i dunno why this random picture of Horatio the blacksmith is in here. I like playing the blacksmith, its alot of fun.

 ah King Thorin was trying to make allies with the distant elf lands of Effenmont, so agreed to marry its princess. she wasnt thrilled about it

 but eventualy he managed to charm her

 and ask for her hand

 and the magical wedding guy fell out of the sky and they were wed. Long live King Thorin and Queen Ellianne!

 Then Thorin got bored and wanted to the the jester for a day

so he switched places with her. But then she threw his royal advisor in the stocks and refused to give the crown back. then threw THORIN into thee stocks. well he would have none of that. sorry or not, that bitch went to the pit, hahahaha


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