so wtf is with a grown man, who routinely gets drunk and starts whining and bitching at his guild because 'no one appreciates' him?
this same 'unnapreciated' person, who was made a vice for all his hard work and effort. this same person who, gets invited to instances daily and talked to every day. so, we are all just suposed to sit back and take his abuse because he gets drunk and wants to take out his bad day on all of us, well, i dont think so pal, FUCK YOU.

get out of my guild. i dont need you. the empty place you left in the roster was filled immediately. dont come crawling back either like you did LAST time you pulled this whiny emo crap, cause it aint gonna fly this time. im done with your pathetic attention whoring, and i dont want your stupid drama in my guild. take a long walk off a short pier, fuckface.



  1. Man, we've been having a similar issue on EQ2, only it's one of the guild OFFICERS, and man he doesn't whine, he called someone a "faggot" for leaving the guild on the guild's website and said that he'd punch him in the face if he ever met him.

    So, naturally, several people have left the guild, and I would have by now, but I haven't been on in at least a couple of weeks.

    Some people should just not drink.

  2. yeah he WAS an officer, that what made it all the worse. and this is like the second time this guy pulled this crap. the first time he came back crying the next day with a hundred apologies... this time im not listening. i knew he would do it again.

  3. Is this the same bloke that gave you problems a couple of months back?  Wow, you ARE such a good person to have given him another chance it it is the same one.  Guilds can make or break a gaming experience for lots of people and it sounds like you have a great guild.  Sometimes in order to protect the whole of the guild one or two bad guildies have to go.  Sad, but true.  Good luck!

  4.  well this wasnt the same guy i posted about a few months ago, but that guy DID eventually come back. he is at least behaving himself lol. come to think of it, he was a vice too when he had his temper problem.. must be something about having an officer position that makes these people crazy.

  5. Ugh!  I feel ya there.  My ex that I used to play wow with used to be the same way.  Whenever he'd get drunk and we'd pvp he's always yell at me and tell me how much I sucked.  Or if I made the slightest mistake I never heard the end of it.  Even if we were in a group or on vent with other people he'd make it a point to embarrass me in front of the other people.  Glad that's over!


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