still really stiff and achy... but loads better than i was yesterday morning. i guess some medication and rest does a body good.
im usualy a 'no drugs for me thanx' kinda person. (when it comes to pharmaceuticals anyway) but i was in SO much pain i just gave in and took some.
i guess everyone has their breaking point lol.
altho now my head is floaty and i cant seem to talk right. im typoing more than usual and halfthe things im saying on simpletons dont even make sence when i go back and read it lol


  1. DestructionAnubisJuly 19, 2011 at 6:19 AM

    Thank you. You were nice to my friend so thank you. Everyone else was horrible to her, and they're still being horrible now. I don't like it when people upset my friends, so I just wanted to thank you for being there for her. You are a really nice person.

  2. who is your friend? who is being mean to her? can i help somehow?

  3. Hi Zeri,

    how's it going? Are you feeling any better? I'm sorry to see about the pinched nerve but I Am glad that you have good drugs.  I hope you're coming through the worst of it and that you start to feel much much better soon.  In the mean time rest and watch Firefly over and over, it helps, honest.


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