feelin better finaly

the cold, and the pinced nerve, have waned and im almost back to tip top. still a little achy in my arm. i dont understand why this happens. there really isnt any rhyme or reason to it. usualy when it happens, its in my lower back. makes it extremely difficult to move, as every bend or turn causes pain. this time it was in my neck/shoulder. i think that might have actualy been worse. i couldnt even move my head. it was excruciating.
this has been effecting me since i was about 11 years old, and i have NO idea what it is. and since it doesnt show up on any xrays, its impossible to prove to any doctor thats it really there. you cant just go to a doctor and say 'i have back pain'
if its not on an xray, they simply dont believe you.. and think your just trying to get pain meds or something. i tried to get on dissability for this for years. how can i effectively do ANY job when i can suddenly (at any time) have my back/neck go out and be laid up for at least a week?

but anyway i have wandered off the point again as i oft do. wait, what was the point? ? what smiley
o yeah,  thank you for well wishes, im feeling better ^_^


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