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so as you know, i have been more or less gone lately, and ill show you why. a few months back i posted about a game i was beta testing, Forsaken World. well its now in open beta, meaning no more character wipes, and the game is basically open for business.

This is my new assassin character, LadyTarantula. i dont usualy play sins but im really having alot of fun with her.

this is the outside of one of the instances. theres another things about mmos i was never super fond of. instances. but most of the ones i have ion this game so far, were awesomely fun. its good to finaly have FUN playing one of these games and not feel like im obligated to perfrm perfectly or some 14 year old will scream at me and call me noobtard.

this was a vampire i made before i decided to go with an assassin they are the same race so they look very similar. the one on the right is my bfs character.

o here is my elf warrior from closed beta running thru the woods lol. the environments in this game are just stunning

my cb vampire using a portal. even that is eye pleasing.

well so, this is what ive been addicted to last few days/weeks. if you like mmos, definitely give it a try it wont disappoint. there is loads to do and its never a dull moment.
you can do 30 'errend' quests a day for an NPC named henry that will give you mass experience. that along with regular quests, main story quests, and the multitudes of instances, i never know WHAT to do first!


  1. I joined up as well. The screenshots look amazing, and I've never played an MMO before, so this is a good experience for when I beta test DragonSoul. So far I love it. I'll definitely share some screens of mine on my blog when I go back. It's certainly addicting.

  2. oh coolness :)
    yes its seriously addicting. i dont think ive done anything else for days lool. i think i need a support group :P

  3. Hmmmm, I've kinda bee shopping around for something that's free. I'm not into the idea of paying for something I might only have time to play once a month or something....but I totally miss the whole RPG genre.

    If it's not a fee game I might check this one out the graphics look very pretty

  4. DragonSoul PK. It's freeee. lol. I was doing some simmie stuff, but I think it's time to go back to Forsaken World. Gonna add a category for MMOs.

    So for pics, I guess you screenshot it? Gotta figure out how to get a close up on my character so ya can see her.

  5. yeah its free. and sorry i didnt get back to you sooner, but been preoccupied lol.
    hit printscreen and it saved your screenies to a screenshot folder in your perfect world/forsaken world folder


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