so it WAS hacked

well they seriously need to get some kinda game guard protection like other free to plays. every day at this time the servers get attacked by some douche. usualy gets stable by like noon, but this is getting annoying. i need my fix dammit, dont keep an addict in withdrawl!! ARG!!

 fighting demons

 this was cool. as i was running thru town i realised not only can you see stars in the sky.. you can see the constellations.

 dammit. was a great shot till he went and moved his hand

 wierd outfit

 having a picnic in battle

 this is my wierd little hologram bunny (pet?)

my male toon. *sigh* hes dreamy


  1. That is unfortunately what happens with Free-to-Play games. Because they generate hardly any revenue, they're not going to plop a lot of money down into security and the like.

  2. its weird cause ive been playing freetoplays for years and this is the first time this has happened to me. and as much money as they are making of the cash shop, they should be able to fot knox that sucker lol.

  3. You could not have possibly been playing free-to-play online games for *that* long if you're not use to hackers and the like. Da fuq?


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