waa my game keeps crashing

but i guess its to be expected with a brand new beta. still.. waaaa :'(

soo heres some more pictures from my game

 my boyfriends character and his extremely rare pet. next to another guy with the same pet lol

 me fighting with one of my rare pets

 this is my favorite pet, my little demon ^_^. im standing next to a big one haha

 i saw a dragon flying by!

 just wierdness

me and kandykaine. (my bf's character)


  1. Love the pics Zeri. What level are you at?

  2. That looks SO FRIIIIKIN COOL. Do you recommend it so far?

    Please keep us updated -- I love looking at other game pics :D

  3. i just hit level 35. and yes i VERY much recommend it! ive played alot of these kinda games, and i dont think ive had as much fun with any other one as i am having with this one.
    i just learned the tamer skill and i can go after rare and unusual pets now :) i have a pet that i bought from the auction house that a little flaming horse ^_^
    the pet taming and training is SO addictive

  4. Flaming horse O_O Ooh, I can't wait ^.^


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