welcome back

i dont know about anyone else, but i feel a little guilty. i WAS one of the people who waited daily, waiting for a new mare post, awaiting the news from around the simmerverse. i should have realised how much pressure they were under. i know personaly, i have dropped SO many projects because they started to feel like work. my horoscopes, several stories, some guilds ive belonged to, etc.

so let me just officially appologise to you mares, on behalf of pretty much everyone. i had no idea how much stress you were under, but i guess i probably could have figured it out if i really thought about it. in any case, im glad you are back.


  1. I don't think ya should feel guilty Zeri. They were a constant presence, so of course people were going to hope for news about them, wanting to see a new post from them, because that's what they were used to.
    And as I said, I don't think the Mares should feel guilty either for their disappearance or anything that's happened while they were MIA. We're only responsible for ourselves and no one else.
    Cat and PK both told me they said they were taking a break on one of their blog posts. That's something I missed, but I also knew January was a tough month for everyone, including them, so I understood them wanting to just get away. Which is the main reason why I said nothing publicly. They knew I missed them, and they knew how to get a hold of me if they wanted to.

    But anyway, I don't think anyone needs to feel guilty here, just happy they're safe and sound and back doing what they do on their own terms in their own way.


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