so i guess FW has been hacked

by some rival game company cause they are jelous or somthnig lol. i dunno thats the rumor. the servers went down suddenly and now everyone is saying someone hacked them. but ppl say that shit every time the sims site goes down too. so its probalby just some kinda server error or who knows. anyways, here more pics cause im bored and want my game back

 a unicorn! elves can actualy aquire unicorns as mounts later in the game

 me catching demon souls as pets

 a stroll thru a lake. ahh so peaceful

 my nightmare pet. and a guildmate with the same pet

 its a boat. the main city overlooks a lovely harbor


 ima bat!

 this is a wierd monkey weapon that you can win playing carnival games

 just an npc i liked. she has a snake XD

 this wierd crystal appeared during one of the many events. i have no idea what its for

my male assassin i just made. rawr


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