Your Weekly Horror-Scope

yes its been a while (the pic uploaded on blogger was broken) but its back with a vengence. yes, your weekly HORROR-SCOPE is here!

 Today you might be a bit worried about your financial affairs, Aquarius. A past mistake could have led to some rather upsetting consequences. I guess that one night stand wasnt on the pill after all. Now the child support lawyers are hounding you. Last time you do jello shots with a stranger.

This isn't a good day to be out and about, because travel of any kind could pose problems.  You might miss the bus, or The trains could be late. Or you could get a cabbie whos on crystal meth and just got dumped by his tranny girlfriend and he just HAS to take it out on somebody.

Too much running around might have you feeling exhausted and under the weather today, Cancer. Relax a little. Your not everyones errand boy, after all.  Unless of course, that IS in fact your job title. If thats the case, ill take a coffee, light and sweet. chop chop.

Short visits in your neighborhood could catapult you into some negative situations, Capricorn. Hopefully they arent filming COPS anywhere near your town, because you will have your fill of domestic situation, and drunken yahoos before the night is over. Better it not be splattered all over the TV as well.

This isn't a good day to go to lunch with co-workers. Bunch of gossiping two faces.  The more time you spend with those people the more they repulse you. Your better off taking lunch under a tree. Even if it IS 12 degrees outside.

You could feel extremely passionate today, Leo. You might want to connect with a love partner but be prevented by circumstances. Like that bulletproof glass in the county jail. Why o why cant they just let you have one little kiss? Its not like she smuggled a lockpick in her mouth this time.

Stay close to home today, Libra. I hear there is a cabbie loose with a meth problem. Hes been taking Aries hostages. Just in case you look like an Aries, best to avoid travel.

Your physical energy is very high today, Pisces.  Your the spastic type who is always bouncing around everywhere. Im getting tired just watching you. Did you eat all your halloween candy in one day??

Sagittarius, check your house to make certain everything is in working order. Today you may find a few small things here and there might need a little adjusting. Doorknobs may be loose, paint may be peeling a little. Just dont go all super OCD and check the oven knobs 6 times in a row....... again.

Money matters might take a turn for the worse today. Don't fly off the handle because of this, Scorpio. Cause we know how much you LOVE doing that. Really, its ok to let a few things slide now and then. I dont think locking little Jimmy in the basement because he flushed your credit card down the toilet, is an appropriate way to deal with a toddler.

If a friend or acquaintance gives you advice about money or investments today, don't take it. Goodness knows all your friends are idiots. Why would you take ANY advice from them? Those knuckle scraping dunderheads? They should be listening to YOU! Maybe you should write a book... I know EVERYTHING by I.M. Taurus.. yeah...

 Electrical or plumbing problems with your house might come up. Call a professional, Virgo. Please, PLEASE dont try to fix it yourself. Ever see what happens to a body as it falls off a roof into a BBQ pit? its not pretty.


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