ok hows this for ironic

so i just got my monster computer up and running, and im installing all my programs and games and whatnot.

well it turns out, some of my games are so old and crappy they wont even RUN on a 64 bit system.. cause i just got win7 too..

so wow, i upgrade to a new pc and cant even play my old favorites!! HA!

at least it runs sims 3 like a beast XD


  1. Yeah I've had this probably before too. I got a new computer like 1 or 2 years ago and I tried to install some old childhood games (like from when I was 7) but they didn't work. Oh well.

  2. this one isnt TOO old, maybe 4 years. i was like hey, i feel like playing this one again.. DENIED lol

  3. So the games won't run in compatibility mode or anything? I've been able to install some old games (Life & Monopoly, lol) that were from 2000 and 2001.

    That sucks though...but at least you have released the beast! So your new PC has a six-core processor? That's SOOO sweet!! :D

  4. i dunno, i might be able to try to run it in compatibility mode. when i click on the game it just says 'this game cannot run on a 64 bit system'
    i never had a 64 bit system before so im like wha? lol


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