getting a tad worried/anxious

ok so the php platform that Simpletons is on is ancient. the forum has been around for like 7 years or somthing now. well i saw a link to upgrade to the newest version. so i signed up, cause i really DONT want to dump everything that i put my life into for 7 years and start over on a new site.
so, im hoping that they are going to transfer the entire forum to the new platform. that would be super awesome!!
the new platform looks really cool, and much easier to navigate and has really cool features.

now tho, i cant get to Simpletons at all. blank page.. so i dont know whats happening. maybe they are moving it, maybe somthing else happend.. i dont know..
its worrying me tho..


  1. It won't load for me. Could be because it's transferring all the stuff over or something though? I hope it works!

  2. I plan on visting Simpletons more, so hopefully everything works out. :)

  3. yeah im hoping they are transferring it... i really dont know why else it would just be gone 0_0

    i thought maybe i would get an email or somthing if i was approved for transfer, but so far nothing

  4. Since there's a lot of posts I suppose it would take a long for it to be processed. I hope it's back up and running soon.


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