Malibu Ken Dracula and his super hot wives

Well, the launcher is being a dick AGAIN and wont let me upload these to the exchange. so i guess i have no choice but to upload it to here and hope someone sees it.
here are my lovelies. i have been working on them all day.

I was inspired by the movie Dracula 2 by Wes Craven. The Dracula character in that movie was SO not Dracula looking lol. He was a blond surfer looking dude. So i thought, hey he might be fun to make! And Dracula isnt complete with his succubus brides, luring unsuspecting victems back to the castle to feed on.
(they were NOT in the movie, i made them up)

wife number one, Illara. doncha love the atmosphere of Twinbrook?

wife number 2, Varella. already sampling the local cuisine.

and here is malibu ken dracula

sorry for the darkness of all the pics, they cant afford any lights in the house yet hahaha.

so i uploaded them all as one family, so they should all have their vampire powers and whatever skills they have collected in their short lives. They are not all in love yet. Dracula has a little thing with Varella, but not with Illara yet. and both ladies are more than willing to take a night off and go find their own date.

but i got the no jealousy thing, so all should go well. and with the mod from modthesims where you only need to say hi to a sim to bite them, im having ALOT of fun with these 3.



  1. oooh Zeri, they look great :D

  2. and by great I mean Fabulous <3

  3. thanx alot ^^

    im REALLy happy with the way they came out. and dracula is way better looking in person, that pic doesnt do him justice lol

  4. Zeri, that's a kick-ass vamp family, and my GAWD do they look sweet in Twinbrook! Big big kudos dude!! :D

  5. that swamp is twinbrook is hella awesome. i only wish i could have put a bigger lot down. the biggest i could put was 40x40.

    i flattened the entire swamp and that was the only lot i could place lol.
    i might eventualy upload the house too, as it is pretty cool. but i dont think it would AS cool without the swamp setting


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