so alone

im really beginning to wonder if ill ever find anyone i can relate to, or who can relate to me. isnt there anyone out there who is like me at all? and if there is, where the hell do i find them at?

the sims has been my passion for years, but most of the people i meet on sims sites are teens... theres no way i can have any kind of meaningful friendship with teenagers. we have nothing in common.

even my bf i dont seem to have a lot on common with.. sure there are some things, but i always get the feeling im just alone in my way of thinking.. like im in my own world. maybe im just TOO weird.

the sims forum was the only place i had to hang out with and meet people and now thats gone... where am i supposed to go now?

im too 'old' to enjoy the things i love, because everyone else involved with those things are half my age...


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