less angry today

sure was pissed at EA yesterday. they fucked up the forum real good. well im tired of that shit and i doubt ill go back. well if i know me, i prolly WILL go back. but itll be a while.

im depressed now. haning around that forum was like MOST of my day.. i dont know what to do with myself now. well, i got my MMORPG i guess, but i cant make friends there. mmo kids are all such asses.

'stfu noob, gtfo' why do they speak to ppl this way? and if its not people being rude, its people being stupid. 'how do i do this quest?' look at your quest log, sheesh. i do try to tell all the newcomers how to do things, but its every 5 minutes. some ppl get really nasty with them.

there is this one character called stinky mcnasty or something like that. he is really terrible to those new people, but i cant help but laugh at some of the things he says.

does it make me a bad person to enjoy the mockery of others even if i dont participate? i always try to do the right thing, but alot of times, the lines are blurry for me.

for instance. once i made this friend on myspace. she was really cool, i liked her. (and i dont make girl friends often, as its SO hard to find anyone i have anything in common with)
well we chatted, passed jokes, all that fun shit. then her boyfriend started messaging me.
first he was being friendly. then he started badmouthing her and saying shes treating him bad and bla bla.

now i was very confused at the time, which was the right thing to do. should i tell him to go to hell? that wouldnt be very nice, as he seemed to be coming to me for help. so instead i gave him advice.

well, my friend found out i had been talking to him 'behind her back' and she got VERY angry and wanted to know why i didnt just tell her.
and i was completely dumbfounded... it actualy HADNT occurred to me to tell her. i really suck at social situations..

but, in the process of trying to do the right thing by both people, i ended up losing a pretty good friend. and i seem to do this kinda shit alot...

maybe i need to just re-evaluate my values.. and try not to please everyone all the time. if so many ppl who HAVE friends are just assholes.. maybe i should just follow suit?


  1. I'm sorry that happened to you, Z. We really have a lot in common it seems...I'll have to email you later...

  2. it was a while ago that this happened, but it still bothers me alot. i know not alot of people operate by the same 'code' that i do, and i dont expect them to. but i follow what i think is right and when it backfires like that, it really makes you question who you are


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