Lallie Callie the shitty shoes oh yeah

one of the drawbacks to being a mom is having to sit thru the idiotic advertising aimed at your children.
(capitalism pisses me off, dont even get me started)
well the newest annoyance on the kiddie tv is these stupid lallie callie shoes. they arent even real shoes, they are more like toys. and they some with this little makeup kit and whatnot. yeah ok..

well the most irritating part of this advert is the SONG. its sung in this annoying nasaly voice. and the lyrics are... about the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

'were lallie callie, the pretty shoes, oh yeah. you can play with us, you can be cool, oh yeah!'


This has got to be the most astoundingly stupid song ive ever heard. and is this REALLY what our society wants little girls to be about?
im pretty and cool, look at meeeeee

as if shoes make you cool. and why is it so important to be 'cool' anyway? isnt it more important to be yourself?

i hate this ad.
its as if all females are good for, is all looks and no substance. this is what male society wants women to be.. showpieces. and the bitch of it is, girls FALL for it. brainwashing...Photobucket

but this is dangerously close to becoming a feminist rant, so il leave it at that lol


  1. Oh no!! The damn Lellie Kellie! Grr, I hate that song!!! It drives me insane!! *bangs head on wall*


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