HDTV.. overrated?

i recently got a new flatscreen hdtv, since it seemed i was behind the times and all, and needed an upgrade. i had my previous tv for about 13 years or so, and didnt really have any issues with it. it was a great tv for its time. but now that all the xbox games are in hd, some things are hard to see or read.

so, we upgraded, and now.. now.. regular tv looks like SHIT. before, everything looked the same, hd programming, and regular programming. there was no differnce. everything looked dandy. NOW HD programs look spectaular, but regular programs look like some awful shit filmed on an old circa 1970's camera.

omg its just awful! NOW i understand why all those satelite commercials keep goin on and on about how many HD channels they have. now it makes sense.. but.. unless you actualy HAVE an hdtv... it really doesnt matter! so..is HD really worth it??

its like gaining sight for the first time, and realizing everything is ugly..


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