EA has done it again

so, over on the EA sims forum, there has apparently been some drama going on. i missed it all, as i have been playing other things recently.

but for some goddam reason, vidkid20 has been banned AGAIN. and dylsoccer and probably more ppl who didnt deserve it.

im DONE with EA's nazi crap. i thought i could make a difference there, helping people who need help, but im really beginning to think i should just give it up.

i really dont know if its worth my time anymore. ill have to think about it...
i HAVE made some friends there, and i dont want those new possible friendships to languish.

im just so mad!! and i wasnt around for any of it, so i feel so out of the loop right now. seriously, i doubt if anyone would notice if i never went back anyway...


  1. i would notice if you didnt come back!!

  2. wow that means alot to me, it does :)


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