the adventures of castle gay vampire

 Faruza is growing up! shes a terrible singer tho.

 the children eat snacks on the couch with the nanny. how adorable

 bella goth invited koichi out to a dance party in the ruins. he got bored and played with some fire. wooo hot stuff!

 tori is such a little cutie pie

 caleb got invited downtown by his sister, and saw some nerd named zeri walking around. so he made her a vampire

 later that same day, koichi saw her across the street. he bit her as well. shes not having a good day

 i have no reason to take this pic, other than i really enjoy looking at him

 made a few alterations to the castle.  figured out how balconys work so i fixed the stair problem, and build a moat. also removed a hallway and made the study bigger

 poor faruza has a monster under her bed

 koichi likes playing with the violin when im not looking. these sims are extremely disobedient. i tell them to do something, go look at something else and they have already stopped what i told them and are doing another thing. GRR!

 caleb and tori. hes such a little scamp. hes already my favorite

koichi and tori playing in the dollhouse


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