first impressions of sims 4

so i did eventually break down and try it. im still not leaving sims 3, but i needed something new to get excited about so i figured lets give it a chance at least.

i was really impressed with the sim creator. its so fun and easy to make sims now. i could make new dudes all day! but the fact that there no lots really to build on kind of annoys me. and there few that are around are pretty small.

i miss being able to just build 64x64 monster castles and shit. how can i make a castle on some dinky shit 20x30? bleh. super huge disapointment

the sims and the environment do look super cartoony and kinda crappy. but you get used to it pretty fast. i found it almost adorable after a while.

feeling a little claustrophobic being stuck on my lot. not like i really ever went anywhere. but the future and WA i used a lot. will need to adjust to the sudden LACK of anything to do. building sims and houses is pretty fun so far.

the first sim i made is Koichi. the personalitys and traits and things are a little confusing.  hes a goofball who wants to learn stuff..

 by his second or third night in the house i threw together, he met a vampire. dude just walked into my house. he didnt like koichi very much

the next night a lady vampire came over. she liked koichi a bunch so he asked her to bite him.

boom im already a vampire. lol didnt take long eh.

koichi has just become a full vamp and im exploring the skills and options that come with it. seems pretty interesting so far. i like how you can kind of build them up.

so i wont be leaving my beloved sims 3, just maybe taking a break for a little while. Koichi has me interested enough to keep coming back for more. now i need to go get me gegaaabs of cc muahhahaa


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