still slightly obsessed with Koichi

i got bored of the goth house (as i often do in EA houses) so i decided to go try my hand at building. so i found an empty lot in the spooky town. it seemed small, but i went and built a castle anyway. it didnt come out too bad, considering how small the lot is. it doesnt have a lot of the fun goodies his other lot had, but its a nice location, i like it. i moved him and his thrall Bella to the new castle. i didnt take any pictures of it apparently.

not long after moving in, this vampire guy just strolls into my house. well stroll isnt quite the right word, as he moves so fast he could probalby break space time. he is actually the brother of the vampire who made me, so i had Koichi befriend him.

Caleb is freeking adorable. i couldnt get enough of him and didnt want him to leave. Koichi had not had much luck with the ladies. there were a few he sorta liked but he didnt really connect with anyone. he and Caleb clicked.. so Koichi went gay and Caleb moved in. i kicked bella out. back to her boring family she goes.

 i had him munch on a few neighbors before i realized he didnt like that. he wants to be a 'good vampire' so i bought him a bunch of juice boxes instead.

 the  pair were soon married and expecting.

 i dont know if its a coincidence or not, but caleb seems to get sick every time he has a juice box. its the juice box pox.

 god damn these two are adorable together. they are dancing and chatting. i love the multitasking.

a little girl was born! Faruza Katsumoto

Koichis is a guilty biter just like caleb, but he doesnt want to be a good vampire so i make him do it anyway muahahaha. besides, why be a vampire if you dont bite people?


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