swap family experiment

so my daughter and i had a family that we shared on my old computer. she made the dad, i made the mom, and we switch off every generation of the family and see how they go.

well i lost them when my computer died so we decided to make a new swap family! altho this time,m we build a house as well. in fact, we built the house first. (last time we just tossed them onto a lot and built from there)

she started with the foundation. it was all kinds of crazy shaped. then i was in charge of putting up the walls and making rooms. then she did the landscaping. than i did the painting and flooring.

the resulting house was so 'white middle class america' that it creeped us out. so we decided to make a very not white family to live there.

 she made the dad again, because she is better at making male sims, so she says. this is Amil. (affectionately nicknamed Dadladdin) cause hes rocking that dad bod. hes is your typical middle class dad type of guy. and he wants to be a fire fighter.

this is Tamia. shes spanish/italian and a great cook. because stereotypes. and before you complain at me, im italian. her LTW is the be the BEST cook. she got knocked up the very first day, and so it was nearly a week before she actually got to her job lol

 amil is doing great as a firman, but for some reason singed himself fixing the dishwasher.

 tamia has taken up drinking in her boredom around the house

what would a typical suburban family be without pets? they have one cat, Ferdinand

and one dog, Doofus. and so far, one kid. but the family is growing!

i play this first generation, then when the kids are grown, it will switch to my daughter. she will pick whichever hier she likes best, and play the family untill THOSE kids are adult and switch.

we both have VERY different tastes when it comes to our sims, so it will be interesting to see how the genetics end up, considering who we pick and who we marry. should be a fun experiment.

the official rules are

the heir must be a child of the previous heir. it doesnt not have to be from the pairbonded couple (expect for me because im the starting generation) so if a child is born from an affair and its better than the others, its fair game

no editing genetics in CAS. we havent discussed if plastic surgery is ok tho.

and thats pretty much it. no rules. she can do whatever she likes with her generation and i can do whatever i like with mine. including altering the house or even moving to a new lot.


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