vampires vampires vampires

 Lady Nora, who for some reason is pregnant, went into labor suddenly and left the castle. she never returned

 Princess Naomi was born on a full moon... and is a vampire. staring at you creepily from her tiny prison

 shes a cutie pie tho... waiting to pounce and open your vein

 King Falcon decided that some of his subjects were irritating so he put a cowplant in the dungeon. it already claimed a sacrifice

 spending a little time with Phoenix

 Queen Sakuri is about to give birth again! and again on a full moon! she had triplets. Tyrion, Cercei, and Melisandra. all vampires.

 Melisandra seems to be hated by her parents. they keep leaving her on the floor.

 and in the garbage.

another noble bites the dust! they are getting old now, so i dismissed the rest of them so i dont have a bunch of mourning all the time. only 1 noble came back to the castle. with all these children, there isnt any room anymore.

Vlad has come back from school, and Naomi and the triplets have aged up. Falcon is now and elder and Sakuri isnt far behind. there will be no more heirs. which of the children will be chosen to be the next monarch? and will the kingdom of dragon valley be ruled by a ruthless vampire??


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