long live the king

5 children were had by the royal family.  4 of which are vampires. 3 of which are triplets.

 this is Tyrion. the only boy of the triplets. friendly and genius, and already practicing to be king someday.

 Vlad, the eldest. born on spooky day (and the only non vampire)

 Cercei, one of the triplets. mean spirited. she is not a crowd favorite

 Naomi. not bad, but shes a little funny looking.

 Melisandra, the last of the triplets. evil, evil, evil. she wont do

 Tyrion is chosen. He will be the next king.

 hes also a little short

 but he grows into a handsome lad

 Queen Sakuri wanted to give Falcon a big smooch. so she went over and kissed him and he died.

 Tyrion was distraught.

 Sakuri tried to relieve her grief by yelling at Vlad to lose weight.

 the horses had a colt. Karkat! Tyrion has his own steed now

 not long after Falcon kicked the bucket, Sakuri joined him.

 Tyrion was left all alone. an orphan. a king

 he went out partying the night she died. he couldnt be alone. this fellow showed up at the bar with a tiny dog.. weird.

but he was picked up on his way home! lotta good your laws do, officer, im the fucking King.. and an orphan so nobody will yell at me, nya

the boy king. such a melancholy rein begins.


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