test run successful!

so Pendragon Castle is finished! im kinda proud of this one. i usualy dont make very good castles. this one seems to have it all tho! well except a moat. moats are always what screw me over space wise
i used what i learned in stronghold and other castle building games, instead of trying to go for 'fairy tale castle' look. cause i know from experience, i cant pull that off.

swapped out the double windows for a more gothy looking window. i didnt want to use the goth windows at first, but they seem to really fit

 the castle is completely surrounded by wall. (doesnt stop the zombies tho darn it) i HAD a large barn archway as a sort of portcullis that i could ride my horse thru, but it ended up just causing some issues so i removed it. now the walls are jsut removed form that area. it doesnt look too much different, and now the courtyard doesnt count as 'indoors'

 castle pendragon by moonlight

 this is falcon's trusty steed, phoenix 

 and his trusty butler! seneca. or something. i got that mailbox from tsr i think. its a sims medieval conversion :) sans pigeons. really suits the place. i actually got quite a few sims medieval conversions

 and heres my new roomies! i didnt need to fiddle with any of them

 they sleep in the dungeon >:)

 i wish i could use my horse as my car :(

 more roomies
the castle is just so much more lively and homey with lords and ladies wandering about.

 this one is feisty. i think she might be a witch

 the one and only male roomie. he gets all the flirts. dragon valley people are awesome looking ^_^

 it took about a sim week, but i finaly got falcon out of the friendzone! hell he wasnt evne in the friendzone, he was in the barely acquaintances zone.
so now i have my queen to be! and still debating on whether or not he wants to sample any of the castle ladies.

but, no bastards allowed on the throne! only royals heirs, please ;)


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