possibly redoing the royal family

Castle Tarn was cool and all, but i got so many routing issues with it being in the lake, and i had to ditch my horse, so i decided to just go ahead and build a new castle.

since i went out of my way to build a castle this time, i built it in dragon valley (the proper place for a castle)

but i cant decide if i should just move the exported family into the new castle, or completely start over. i wont lose too much. their first child was a terrible disappointment, and i had to get rid of Falcon's horse due to issues, so i might just go ahead and start them over.

and i just love the folks in dragon valley! such a colorful town. this time, my roommates will fit in :P

 so this is the basic layout. (im making this all up as i go) the complicated bits to the right are the keep, the rest is just the inner courtyard. soo much room. its amazing how much extra space you get when you dont have a moat

 added some towers. wish i could do at least one more level. seems awfully short for a castle

 complete with a dungeon! i might make the roommates sleep down here. guess it depends on what roommates i get

 im kinda fuzzy on what to do with this part. cant make a portcullis cause i put a stable in the courtyard and the horses wouldnt be able to get in and out. so i left it open, but  i think it looks weird

maybe ill put some arches here or somthing

its coming along! im still not completely happy with it, it doesnt look 'castle-y' enough


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