well now ive gone and done it

so ive had this lycanthropymod on skyrim for a while. i kinda liked it, but over all i did not like it. but since it was overly complicated, i didnt remove it because i didnt think i actually COULD.
(skyrim mods arent simple like sims mods. they dont go all in the same place. sometimes i have to set scripts, meshes, textures and all sortsd of things into different folders. and there is no way to keep track of or remember what went where)
well today i found another werewolf mod that looked better.. so i decidede to go and give it a try.. and scroured thru my files and deleted anything that looked even remotley related to the old mod.
well i dunno what the hell i did, but werewolf doesnt even work now.
Aela doesnt have the command to turn me anymore, and when i WAS turned, i didnt tranform.
so i broke it D:
i also found a mod that creates a hybrid, vampire/werewolf. that allowed me to actualy activate Aela again, but i lose vampire in the process. :(
skyrim mods are complicated and i broke my game :'(


few more hours of trial and error and maybe ill figure it out lol


  1. yeah they show up in there, but not all the pieces. so if i take out the lycanthrophy mod, it wont show up on the data, but the scripts and textures might still be in there. i think most of my problem was leftover pieces of that mod, i found a page will all the file names so i went thru my folder and removed them. there were quite a few with names i would not have associated with this mod, so its a good thing i found a list. i got my new werewolf mod working, but i messed up somewhere and the hybrid one wont work. i havent messed with it after that since werewolf and vamp both do work now. just not at the same time lol


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