stupid launcher

have i mentioned how much i loathe simpacks?
well dragon valley has some something to the laucnher ot make it keep uninstalling random simpacks. and the FUN part is, its uninstalling things i have had in game for ages, and dont have in the launcher anymore. so i cant just reinstall them. thanx, DV. thanx a fucking lot


  1. Oh I hate it when that happens. It seems to have happened to quite a few people who have installed DV. I had it last when I installed Monte Vista - the Launcher lost all my Store venues like the greenhouse and stuff. I was livid because those venues cost a lot of money. It happens apparently because the Launcher has some idiotic cap on how much it can contain and then it starts uninstalling things. I managed to fix it though, I did something to do with the DCCache from Crin's site here:

  2. i just went and reinstalled it again, at least the stuff i still had in the launcher. the gothiqe furniture set is gone forever tho, and who knows what else. those havent been in the launcher for a while.


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