its getting too dam frustrating to play my legacy family

at least twice a day, about every six sim hours, the game freezes for about a half an hour real time. it. is. IRRITATING.
none of my other same games do this. NONE. i have no idea whats causing it, or how to fix it. ive asked about it at nraas and noone there had any suggestions either. ive moved this family to new towns, completely tore down the house, sold everything they own and started new, and still it persists. only this family.
the ONE family that matters. the one i have been playing since base game with i cant even count how many generations now.
 i asked over there if it might be the hidden traits. they have over 10 now. Twallan said unlikley. so i have no freekin idea whats going on here.
the gnomes? the china boxes of goodies? the WA treasures? the portraits?
most of my other families have things of this nature as well, and NONE of them have this severe freezing problem.
i havent played my legacy in months pretty much because of this. i am getting so weary of this. why, why this one family WHY!!!!!


  1. Have you tried the clean saver on that save? I don't know if it will solve the problem but would be worth a try.

  2. yeah i tried it a few days ago. i saw small improvement. its certainly not as bad, but it still does the freeze thing. ive only played once or twice since then so i havent had much time to really test


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