well i may not be around much longer

since the US government has declared war on my people, there is no telling when i will end up homeless and living under a bridge somewhere, eating half eaten discarded big macs and week old donuts.

even with my boyfriends added income, i cannot afford to live here without SSI benefits and SNAP. im an emotional and mental disaster and  the workforce is no place for me. on top of my physical ailments i have little other choice. i have been out there. it really didnt work out

and now, since the right wing propaganda machine's 'poor people' witch hunt is nearly in full swing, its only a matter of time before i can no longer afford food, clothing, shelter, and certainly not internet.

its been a great experience being here. the sims community has done so much for me over the years. really i cant begin to express how much its changed my life. i am a person with pretty severe social anxiety. i rarely talk to anyone, and almost never reach out. but i felt comfortable here, and i put myself out there, way more than i ever could have in 'real life'.

ill never forget the friends i have made, and lost. (part of my emotional problems makes it pretty inevitable that i lose whatever friends i make)
i just hope i can manage to hang around as long as i can.
thank you, for all the memories, and good times, and wacky shit youve all done over the years :)

my bf did just get a new job so maybe we can squeek by for a while, but they have already told him the position is only temporary, so in 6 months we are totaly fucked, if they do manage to pass these new 'bills' and cut off my funding.

this isnt exactly a good bye, im not going anywhere just yet. but if i DO happen to just disappear, then that is most likely why. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, Zeri, sounds like things are looking grim. :( Lots of benefits cuts here as well. That's the downside of trying to go after the false claimants - you end up taking support away from those who genuinely need it too. I hope your boyfriend can find another permanent job in time. Would you be able to find some kind of work that you could do from home, maybe?

  2. I am really sorry, Zeri! The motherfuckers need to cut their salaries before they cut anyone else's money!! I was thinking the same thing that Caspin already asked.....might you be able do work from home, maybe on the computer? If you are forced to leave us, you will be sorely missed. :(

  3. most of the 'work from home' things ive looked at are scams. they want you to buy their kit or some other shit that is a hundred bucks. if you know of a legit one, lemme know.

  4. Oh I agree - most of the 'work from home' jobs you see advertised about the place are surely scams. You see them here taped to lampposts - not exactly the type of bulletin board that inspires confidence. What I was thinking was more of regular job that allowed remote working. Like office work but you use your own computer, that kind of thing. But then jobs of any sort are in such short supply at the moment, I realise it's far, far easier said than done. I was really just trying to think of something positive to suggest. I hope your bf finds something, that should make it easier for you guys.

  5. im thinking about starting my own business. i have no money tho, so i really dont know where to start. but i might start a website to sell a product of some kind... now i just need a product lol


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